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Planning for today and for what’s next

Regardless of where you are in life, The Ameriflex Group provides customized financial planning and investment management geared to your unique goals and objectives, designed to maximize your wealth and minimize your expenses.

If You’re Experiencing a Critical Life Change

If you’re going through a divorce or death of spouse or if you’re selling a business, we have significant experience and expertise in providing the prudent financial guidance to help protect your wealth and minimize stress and expenses

If You’re Entering Your Retirement Years

Whether you’re ten years away from or approaching retirement, we will help you transition into your golden years by carefully structuring your accounts, investments, assets and benefits to optimize income and to budget for your

If You’re Mid-Career, Wanting Financial Advice

If you’re in your peak earning years and have made investments and accumulated assets but feel there is more you could be doing with financial guidance, we can provide the comprehensive planning and advice to help ensure you reach your objectives and goals for the next stage of life.